Monday, November 17, 2008

Hoosier Park Joins Ranks of other ZERO tolerance tracks

While this did not make major headlines and hit the wires to be distributed nationally, there was a footnote attached to the ITOBA Hoosier Park Sales Catalogue for their Paddock Sale:
(the information below is directly copied and pasted from the website)

Perhaps not the most attention getting way to announce this, but nevertheless, BRAVO Hoosier Park for being a class act!

Please note the following Hoosier Park policy: Any trainer or owner stabling at Hoosier Park who directly or indirectly participates in the transport of a horse from Hoosier Park to a slaughter facility or to an auction to sell horses for slaughter will be prohibited from having stalls at the track.


Cheryl said...

Good! It's about time. Wonder if they really mean to enforce it, however.

Hyena Overlord said...

ladybugzeus said...

it is our job to enforce it!!