Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mountaineer enacts new anti-slaughter policy?

Or did they?
Here is an email from a source who actively works to save horses from slaughter. Below is the article from the TB Times. Please call Mountaineer Racetrack Management and ask them to re-word their policy to include all slaughter auctions.
Their toll-free number is 800-489-8192- ask for the Director of Racing, Rose Mary Williams.
Mon, Nov. 3, 2008
"This is pure bullsh$t..smoke and mirrors. They are only banning people from sending horses to Sugarcreek. It doesn't stop them from sending them directly to the meatman's farm who then sends them to New Holland or elsewhere. Just today a Mountaineer filly was in the kill pen at NH. I called MNR to tell them about her and to see if they would help us pull her. As expected I was given the run-around usual boatload of rhetoric. the gloves are off on MNR...we must not allow them to dupe people into believing they actually give care about their horses being sent to slaughter."

Mountaineer enacts anti-slaughter policy

by Tim Nichols

Mountaineer Race Track in Chester, West Virginia, enacted a new policy
on October 31 concerning the sale of horses at the Sugarcreek Livestock
Auction in Sugarcreek, Ohio.

The auction is known as a popular place where horses are sold to people
who in turn sell the equines to slaughterhouses in Canada and other
foreign nations. Horse meat is considered a delicacy in some foreign

Horsemen found to have sent equines to Sugarcreek will lose their stalls
and may be subject to management exclusion.

"What we found out was that some of the horses ended up at the
Sugarcreek auction," Mountaineer Director of Racing Rose Mary Williams
said. "What we decided to do was take measures to prevent that from

Williams said that she informed the West Virginia Horsemen's Benevolent
and Protective Association of the policy on October 31.

With this step, Mountaineer joined other tracks trying to end the
practice of selling horses to killer buyers-those who purchase horses
for the sole purpose of sending them to a slaughterhouse.

Suffolk Downs in East Boston, Massachusetts, in June became the first
track to ban trainers who sell horses with the intent of having that
animal slaughtered for profit.

In August, Magna Entertainment Corp. enacted a similar policy at all of
its Thoroughbred and harness racing tracks.

While Williams said she was aware of Suffolk and Magna's policies, they
did not influence her decision.

"We're trying to start locally," Williams said. "We're right in the
process of starting that."

Sugarcreek recently was the subject of an investigative piece on the
program "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel" on HBO in May. The piece showed
how horses, some of whom raced at Mountaineer, were sold at Sugarcreek
and then subsequently shipped to foreign slaughterhouses.

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