Monday, November 24, 2008

Trainers who have sent horses to slaughter

Below are the names of trainers and owners who are known to have sent horses to slaughter auctions:

This list was updated 08/04/2010

Daniel Almond (Trainer) and Howard Murray (Owner)- Dance Madam- bought by killer 8/3/2011

Allen Arnold (Trainer) and Calvin Felder (owner)- Talk of the Block- rescued 6/20/08

Danny Bird (Trainer)- Deputy Broad- slaughtered 7/19/2011

Ronney W. Brown (Trainer) - September Princess- rescued 11/10/08 -
it is unclear at this point whether the filly's owner knew her horse was sent to New Holland only 2 weeks after her last race.

Misael Ceciliano (Trainer/Owner)- Dynergy- rescued 09/28/08

Randy Faulkner (Trainer) and Outlaws and Angels, Inc. (owner)- Marquet Gold- rescued 6/20/08

Jaron Gold (Owner/Trainer)- Possibility- taken to slaughter by Gold personally 07/05
-Sports Ridge- taken to slaughter by Gold personally 07/05
This individual collects and hauls to slaughter whatever horses he can get his hands on.
He has his own rig. He hauls directly to Viande Richelieu in Quebec.
The above horses were rehabbed and rehomed by CANTER, had adoption
contracts attached to their papers. Draw your own conclusions about what sort of
ethics he operates under.

Reid Gross (Trainer) and Elaine Gross (owner)- Sue's Episode- still missing 03/15/05

Ed Harvey (Trainer) and Karen Harvey (owner)- Miss Fancy Gold sold to slaughter 4/11/08

Kenneth Morgan (Trainer/Owner)- Rose Minister rescued 6/20/08
Kenneth Morgan(Trainer) and Peggy Tope (owner)- Slew Okee rescued 6/20/08

"Mike" Gerasimos Moschonas (Trainer)- sent 2 TBs to killbuyer 11/25/08

Joseph Orseno (Trainer)- Yes it's me- rescued summer 2008

Russell Polichena (Trainer/Owner)- Our Lilly rescued 6/20/08
-readily admits to routinely bringing horses to Sugarcreek
Russell Polichena (Trainer/Owner)- Lordlebo N Marylou sold to slaughter 6/20/08

Donald Roberson (Trainer) and Paul Girdner (owner)- Don't Jinx It- sold to slaughter 10/17/08

Renee Schlesinger (Trainer/Owner)- Glenda Jane- rescued 11/03/2008 New Holland

Fernando Silva (Trainer/Owner)- Go Geta Job- rescued 11/03/2008 New Holland

Jeff Taylor (Trainer/Owner)- Twilight Overture- sold to slaughter at Sugarcreek- saved because the killer buyer was kind enough to turn the truck around and bring him back to the auction to be saved- 12/05/08

William Thoburn (Trainer/Owner)- Hopi's Lolo - rescued 11/03/2008 New Holland

Jack York (Trainer) and Robin Harvey (owner)- Bam Attack rescued 4/11/08


LianeH said...


You have a very important blog here and thanks for the information that you have posted. Names are important and brings the reality to the front.

I have already written to many places in Sugarcreek from the chamber of commerce to the auction place itself and many other places to wake up and realize what is going on there is reflecting upon your people and your state.

Keep up the good work. I have bookmarked your site.

Thanks again,


Cheryl said...

Yes, thank you for what you are doing! These owners and trainers need to be exposed for the awful things they are doing to horses who give their all to the sport of racing! I've added you to my favorites, too and I'll be checking back!

Mz.Many Names said...

Say, who's minding the store here? What happened to this wonderful blog? I see no one has posted in awhile. I sure miss reading you!

ladybugzeus said...

my father/trainer is on this list, and i am an advocate for saving american domestic and wild horses and burros from transport to slaughter! ya we dont see eye to eye!!

Longshot said...
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Longshot said...

Reid Gross just died.

More then just this one horse you have listed here and yes Jaron Gold is a piece of shit.

I worked at DRC from 76-98.

Holy Racehorse! said...

Longshot- I hadn't heard. Just went to read the link you posted. I was sorely tempted to comment to the two comments on DRF.
"He was what racing needs and will miss. A very good horseman."
His granddaughter states he loved the horses.
I know he used to send them up the road by the truck load.
Some love that is.
He was exactly the kind of trainer racing didn't need. Not then and not now.

JHEquine said...

I just adopted a thoroughbred who was rescued from the kill buyers at New Holland. His tattoo was mostly sand-papered off but we ended up identifying him as a horse trained under Gerasimos Moschonas. Such a sweet horse, it's a shame. I can only imagine what this poor horse has been through. These trainers can be so cruel!

Tim Kline said...

Russ polichena stole a horse to.benefit himself and the horse red goop no cherries he has no.right to.and had no intention of returning the horse to young man he robbed